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Have granite? 4 years or more...it's time to re-seal!

Why Seal?
Granite is a hard, dense stone with a speckled grainy appearance. While dense, many granite surfaces are susceptible to oil and water based stains. Stains on your granite can happen easily - mustard, juice, olive oil, or even simple dirt can leave PERMANENT stains.

Don't let stains RUIN your stone. What can you do to prevent this? SEAL! Tucceri Granite Restoration will help protect your granite from stains. After the stone is sealed, it will also make everyday clean-up easier.
We Can Help
The experts at Tucceri Granite Restoration are the stone contractors you need to apply granite sealer, marble sealer, or other stone sealer to help prevent stains and damage to your stone, leaving you with a shiny and beautifully restored surface that will last a LONG time.

If you are in the Boston MA area, Southern NH or
Southern Maine, give us a call or email and we'll let you know what is possible to clean, repair, restore, refinish,
and professionally seal your stone countertops or floors.