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Stone Restoration: How it Works

What Tucceri Granite Restoration does that is different from other stone repair contractors
or "do it yourself":

We scrub stone countertops with steel wool pads, then clean with a solvent-based product developed as a stripper for penetration and removing old wax and sealer. This is also excellent for removing water, grease, oil and surface stains from the stone. We rinse thoroughly and dry.

We seal granite, marble, or other stone with the most powerful stone sealer on the market. This silicone based impregnator is specially formulated to protect against oil and water. We then heat it up, which draws the sealer deep into the stone and brings out a high gloss finish for deep, long lasting protection.

We then rub in a high quality wax and buff off with steel wool pads. This puts a very high gloss shine on marble and granite. It helps prevent dulling, glass rings, fingerprints and smudges. It also makes cleaning stone easier, because water beads up and is easily wiped off.

We can repair and remove stains, chips, and scratches from your stone countertops and floors.
We also can re-polish.

This process will bring back the luster as good or better than new. With a little bi-weekly maintenance on your part, your stone countertops will stay looking great for years. Give your countertops a face-lift today!